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Too good to be wood!

Stathis Ketijian writes for

Stefania Levogianni studied interior architecture and decoration while Marios Georgakakos studied marketing & management.
The two met in 2010 and in 2013, due to a crisis, they left Athens. Working in the countryside, the need for an extra income made them start
to create various wooden accessories.
In 2014 they returned to Athens and built their own workshop.
Stefania and Marios spoke to about 2good2bewood.


2good2bewood is the first Greek company that makes custom made wood accessories. It was born in 2014 and its purpose is to create unique gifts and accessories for each individual customer. 

What exactly does your Project include and how did you come up with this very successful name 2good2bewood? 

At 2good2bewood you will find original wooden creations to which you can add your own touch.
From key chains, jewelry, men's and  women's accessories, to decorative
for home. Everything is created to order, with the texts and designs that the customer wants!

This is the magic of our work, everything we create
be unique! The name was Mario's inspiration, as it had to be something that would express who we are. We wanted it to be something that would last.

Too good to be wood!


What is your competitive advantage?                                                                                                                           

Our great advantage is that we brought something innovative to Greece, which enabled the world to express itself through wood and our creations.  From then on, quality combined with imagination, emphasis on detail and love for what we do, keep us in first place in the hearts of the world.

You started your business endeavor in 2014. Didn't the financial crisis scare you? What has been the response of the world so far?

It will sound crazy but the crisis helped us to fight for something of ours,

since through conventional work we did not have the possibility to express our creative concerns. Also in the difficult times we are going through we had to find an extra income if we wanted to make our dreams come true.

So without realizing it, what started as a hobby at first, became a full time job for both of us. The response of the world was and remains impressive, something that pushes us to evolve and create.

What was the idea, the inspiration behind the creation?

The original idea was that every gift from 2good2bewood should have an identity, be unique like its recipient.
Gifts with sentimental value are priceless.
Our inspiration comes from the small everyday moments of life.
After all, the smallest moments have the greatest importance.


I imagine that creating a wooden custom made accessory must be a very difficult process. Tell us about it.

The orders are planned from the beginning in special design programs on the computer and then the cutting and engraving is done on a precision laser. Then the wood will undergo a special treatment to give us the final flawless result.

The delivery time of our products is 3-6 working days and this is because there is no product in stock, everything is made to order.

What were the most difficult obstacles you faced in the beginning and how did you overcome them?

Obstacles are everything you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

Many times we came face to face with common sense, which wants you trapped in a routine. For most people, it is unthinkable to leave their stable job to pursue their dream, and certainly such moves have their risks.

From the beginning, however, we believed in ourselves and in our capabilities.

Where and how can people find your unique products and at what prices are they available?

You will find our products exclusively in our online store, for special orders you can contact us through our page atFacebookand toInstagram. Prices start from 12 euros for a set of 2 puzzle keychains with the text of your choice.

Our concern is to offer the best quality at an affordable price.

What do you want to see 2good2bewood accomplish 5 years from now?

Our vision for the near future is that anyone at 2good2bewood can find gifts for every occasion and for all ages!

What advice do you have to give to entrepreneurs who are now at the beginning of a new and bold project? 

To take risks. That's the only way you overcome yourself. 

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